Iris Artes
Iris Artes
Masonry Products from Iris Artes - light weight cement structures, forms, and brick ovens

A wide range of innovative design and construction services in
cement, unit masonry and ceramics.

  Brick Ovens


back damper brick oven

classic brick pizza oven

french-style brick oven

Custom designed for residential/commercial use.

  Light Weight Concrete

Highly stylized examples of light weight concrete have been included to demonstrate plasticity and color range of light weight concrete applications.

        Decorative Light Weight Concrete:

Bubbling Door
(7.5' x 32")

Cabbage Ceiling

Vine Trellis

Highly stylized forms lend themselves well to retail/commercial applications, where strong impact is required. In residential projects, where a fluid, soft environment is desirable, light weight concrete is an excellent solution.

     Structural Light Weight Concrete:

stylized form #1

ceiling and columns

stylized form #2

Light weight concrete structures and forms are consistently cost competitive compared with conventional solutions (plaster, fiber glass, plastics, Styrofoam and other similar materials).

  Integral Cement

Creative design in integral cement for counters, tables, furniture, etc. Currently featured as a component of our "Iron-Framed Casework System".

iron-frame kitchen with integral cement counter tops

more photos and details coming soon.


Decorative tile work ranging from custom-fired tile design to hand broken mosaics. We can design and/or fabricate to your plans and specifications.

     Custom Fired Tile:

tile factory

Hand painted and fired ceramic tiles, customized to your specifications. Fabricated in small or large runs.

     Mosaic Tile:

"Starry Nite'n Lipz" headboard

Mexican mirhab

"Ant Hill" backsplash

Broken tile and glass  mosaics in a wide range of patterns and colors.

We also can fabricate to your specifications.


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