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Iris Artes
Metal Work from Iris Artes

We offer our own unique line of metal products and
will fabricate metal products to your design and specification.

Stickley hand hammered Copper Lamp

Hand crafted, faithful reproduction of the classic Gustave Stickley "heart silhouette" lamp. Optional wall and ceiling mounts available.

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Stickley Reproductions


Forged & Wrought Iron & Steel

Traditional wrought iron forms: gates, grates, and railing.

wrought iron window grate

filigree gate

candle holder 14" x 11"


The highly stylized forms depicted below demonstrate versatile combinations of forged "T" and "L" iron profiles combined with light weight concrete, stained glass, polished cement and trompe l'oeil effects:

"Saints Door"
6' 8" x 32"

"Bean Door"
9' x 12'

"Cactus Landscape" door
6' 8" x 48"

The "Iron-Framed Casework System"

Suitable application: kitchen cabinets, furniture, and integral cement surfaces. More photos and details coming soon.

iron-frame kitchen

cabinet door detail

cabinet drawer detail

iron frame kitchen cabinet

Sheet Metal

Highly customized products available in copper, tin, brass and bronze. We can fabricate in small and large runs to your sample or specifications.

Professional seven burner gas cooktop. This high BTU unit combines wrought iron and stainless steel. Custom configured to your specifications.

Piñata Chandelier

"Cat and Mouse" weather vane

Hand Wrought Metal

Fired and hammered metal forms in copper, bronze, pewter and silver. We can fabricate in small and large runs to your sample or specifications.

hand hammered copper vase

hand hammered silver vase

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